Welcome to the sTeX Project: Semantically enhanced TeX/LaTeX

sTeX is a collection of TeX macro packages that allow to markup TeX/LaTeX documents semantically without leaving the document format, essentially turning TeX/LaTeX into a document format for mathematical knowledge management ... more, project news, documentation, case studies

  • sTeX facilitates a more "object-oriented" way of writing LaTeX by focusing on semantic macros which are inherited by sTeX modules. This leads to an significantly more powerful way of reusing and sharing document fragments. See the best practices for more information.

This page is mainly concerned with the sTeX project but also hosts our other semantic LaTeX packages:

We value your feedback, and help, please feel free join the mailing lists or register for the TRAC at to get more involved. People, Administrativa

sTeX News

The 10 latest news are shown here; see the full listing (with RSS feed) for more news and more details. Please feel free to comment on the news items in the tickets.

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Summary Reporter Ticket
2010-10-04: assignment.sty is now called hwexam.sty kohlhase #1651
2010-09-12: TeXLive 2010 released with current sTeX kohlhase #1628
2010-08-15: sTeX has mailing lists kohlhase #1618
2010-08-15: sTeX can now show metadata for proofreading kohlhase #1617
2010-08-11: sTeX in MikTeX kohlhase #1629
2010-07-23: new version of sTeX submitted to TeXLive2010 kohlhase #1611
2010-06-25: sTeX-0.9.2 released to CTAN kohlhase #1594
2010-02-09: "stable" branch of sTeX-0.9 kohlhase #1530
2010-02-01: GenCSI/II: Large sTeX case study online kohlhase #1525
2009-12-11: updated sTeX documentation kohlhase #1483
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